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LdB Souvenir Merchandise

Graphic promoting LdB Souvenir Merchandise with a young boy and young woman.

Project Scope

Quick Overview

The LdB Souvenir Merchandise project was designed to:

  • Generate a revenue stream for the operations of the Lac du Bonnet CDC and the community projects and initiatives it is working on.

  • Create an exciting, clean product line that visitors and residents in the community will love wearing.

  • Add to the brand enhancement efforts of Lac du Bonnet by getting Lac du Bonnet’s name out there in a fun, stylish way.

Key Priorities of Focus

This project focuses on all four of the CDC’s Key Priorities.

Marketing & Branding

Tourism Development

Business Development

Sustainability & Operations



Photo of a young woman and young boy wearing LdB Souvenir Merchandise.

Canada Day Tees

In June, just in time for our renowned Canada Day Celebrations, the Lac du Bonnet CDC received its order of these fantastic Canada Day Tees.

This product line was well received by the community and visitors, with almost every order of merchandise selling out in two weeks! We’ll be sure to have this design available again in 2023.



An image with four photos inside depicting different kinds of LdB Souvenir Merchandise

Receiving our First Products

In April, the Lac du Bonnet CDC received its first order of products, including hoodies, t-shirts and baseball tees in various sizes, colours, and designs.

The Lac du Bonnet CDC partnered with the Manitoba Made Store, which would sell the LdB Souvenir Merchandise on consignment, providing the ability to showcase this product line on a daily basis.

Merchandise sales also occur at trade shows and markets the Lac du Bonnet CDC attends to market and promote the community.

All merchandise designs are created in-house by the Economic Development Officer.



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