Let’s Work Together

Whether you are just starting or have been operating for years, having a knowledgeable team that offers support and an outside perspective can sometimes make all the difference.

The Lac du Bonnet CDC Team has years of experience and knowledge to help you and, collectively, have worked in the below-mentioned industries, which creates a diverse skillset to help your business.

• Accommodation and Food Service,
• Administration and Business Support,
• Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation,
• Finance and Insurance,
• Information,
• Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services,
• Manufacturing,
• Real Estate, Rental, and Leasing,
• Retail Trade,
• Transportation and Warehousing, and
• Utilities

Our Business Development Services Include:

Business Planning: where we work with aspiring entrepreneurs to guide them through developing a business plan. Together we will work through each section of the plan, providing tools and information to help you create a complete and well-thought-out business plan to guide you to success.

Business Operations: We can work together to identify opportunities to increase your revenue, reduce operational costs, introduce new products and services to the market, and help you develop a team of people to help you reach your goals.

Experiential Tourism Development Training: We work with business owners and non-profit organizations who organize activities, tours, workshops, seminars, events, and more to enhance the customer experience and create immersive, experiential programming. Experiential tourism is rooted in storytelling, incorporates all five senses, and sends customers home with a piece of your business and our Community in their hearts.

Strategy and Growth Planning: We work with business owners and non-profit organizations to help define long-term business goals, introduce new business models, or bring new products and services to the market by developing business or strategic plans to guide you every step.

Succession Planning: We work with businesses and non-profit organizations to help develop a process and strategy for replacing or passing on leadership roles within the organization, preparing for retirement, or the sale of a business, developing internal tools and resources to make transitions easier or helping support development training so your business can meet future needs.