Working with the Community

The Lac du Bonnet Community Development Corporation has been working with the community of Lac du Bonnet since January 2020. In partnering with many businesses and non-profit organizations in the community of Lac du Bonnet, we have worked together to foster social, environmental, and economic development to diversify and grow the local economy, create employment opportunities, increase tourism, and improve services.

About the Lac du Bonnet CDC

The Lac du Bonnet CDC has proudly worked for the community of Lac du Bonnet since 2020. The projects the Lac du Bonnet CDC works on help increase the economic activity, growth and diversity of Lac du Bonnet.

Aerial view of the Town of Lac du Bonnet showing houses, stores, and the Winnipeg River.
Image of a compass sitting on a rock depicting projects we are working on.

Lac du Bonnet CDC Projects

The Lac du Bonnet CDC focuses on four key priorities to achieve organizational and community goals. These priorities are broken down into many projects, goals, actions, and tasks. Many projects we work on overlap two or more of our key priorities, allowing us to maximize each project or goal’s impact on the Lac du Bonnet community.

Lac du Bonnet CDC Services

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, have been in business for years, or run a non-profit organization, the Lac du Bonnet CDC is here to help you. We provide one-on-one service that lets us focus on your business needs while connecting you to tools, resources, and partners to help you achieve your business goals.

Graphic of cog wheels depeciting Lac du Bonnet CDC Service
Woman in a canoe on the river looking up at the sky.

Lac du Bonnet CDC Events

The Lac du Bonnet CDC hosts the Great Outdoors Expo, the monthly LdB Tourism Cafe, the Old Hickory Waterside Markets, and more to enhance economic activity in the community, bring organizations and businesses together, or provide the community with updates on the projects we are working on.