Let’s Promote our Business Community

Marketing and Communications are critical to business survival. While Communication works to tell the story of your brand, marketing is the part that advertises it. We want the Lac du Bonnet Business and Non-profit sectors to be successful, and we know that part of the road to success is paved with marketing. There are many tools, resources, and methods behind marketing and communications, and the Lac du Bonnet CDC Team is here to help you develop your marketing and communications skills while learning how to navigate the countless options to make the best decisions to move your needle.

Marketing and Communication Support Services

Communications Strategies: We work with your business or non-profit organization to help you develop a communication strategy, help you set up the tools you’ll need to deliver your communications, and create communications documents such as Networking Strategies, Social Media Calendars, and Public Relations Strategies.

Copywriting: From creating social media messages to crafting slogans, writing your website copy and sending customer thank-you’s, the Lac du Bonnet CDC Team can help you craft your message, set your tone, and deliver your message.

Digital Advertising: Through one-on-one support, we work with businesses and non-profit organizations to develop digital advertising strategies and campaigns, guiding you through building and maintaining digital advertising for your business.

Social Media Management: We will explore the world of Social Media Management to provide you with tools, resources, and insights to connect with your target audience on Social Media. This training will give you the information you need to create and publish content, monitor engagements, set goals, review analytics, and more.

Presentation Support: This service area is extensive, from discussing trade show displays to reviewing reports and listening to presentations before they are delivered to key stakeholders; the Lac du Bonnet CDC Team is here to help you put your best foot forward. Of course, we can also help you with tools and resources to create stunning PowerPoint presentations, documents, and displays.

Marketing and Branding: Working together, we can help business owners and non-profit organizations develop Marketing and Branding strategies and solutions. From guiding you through the basic principles of design to helping you choose the best marketing methods for your industry, our team can help you plan and design a marketing mix that will help increase your exposure and revenue.

Traditional Advertising: We can help you navigate the options available from traditional advertising. From working with local newspapers to preparing commercials for radio and creating promotional material to helping you prepare for trade shows, our team has extensive knowledge in marketing and advertising.

Website Development Training: Together, we will work through the design process, teaching you as we go, and we’ll take care of the technical requirements that can be confusing or overlooked to make sure your website-building process is a breeze. Ultimately, you will walk away with a shiny new website and the knowledge and confidence to maintain and grow your website as your business grows. Learn more about this Training Program.