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Projects We’re Working On

Working with Our Thriving Community

The projects we’re working on at the Lac du Bonnet Community Development Corporation help increase the economic activity, growth, and diversity of Lac du Bonnet.

The Lac du Bonnet CDC prioritizes Asset Based Community Development, which means we spend most of our time working with the businesses, organizations, tourism assets, and quality-of-life attributes Lac du Bonnet is known for. Doing this allows the Lac du Bonnet CDC and its partners to work together to showcase what is already here. The Asset-Based Community Development method also allows the CDC and its partners to identify service gaps so we can work to support and enhance the community by attracting new businesses and services.

CDC Key Priorities

The LdB CDC focuses on four key priorities to achieve organizational and community goals. These priorities are broken down into many projects, goals, actions, and tasks. Many projects we work on overlap two or more of our key priorities, allowing us to maximize each project’s impact on the Lac du Bonnet community.

Marketing and Branding

Showcasing Lac du Bonnet as a community to Live, Work, Play, and Invest.

Tourism Development

Utilize tourism as an economic driver for the community of Lac du Bonnet, where more visitors is more opportunity.

Business Development

Supporting new and existing businesses and non-profit organizations in Lac du Bonnet.

CDC Sustainability and Operations

Support the Lac du Bonnet CDC’s operational expenses and daily operations.

Quick Glance: by the Numbers

Key Community Projects
Grant Funding Awarded to the CDC
Grant Funding Awarded to Businesses & Non-profits with Support from the CDC
In-kind Services Delivered to the CDC for Community Initiatives

Projects We’re Working On

Since January 2020, the Lac du Bonnet CDC has been collaborating with its partners and the community to showcase, build upon, and enhance the opportunities and quality of life in Lac du Bonnet. Many of our projects are ongoing community initiatives.

The timeline below organizes our key community projects and initiatives by the project start date. Feel free to read through the projects for some high-level information about each of them.

September 2022

CDC Website Redesign

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A website redesign plan was structured, and work began to redesign and upgrade the website's appearance, information, user-friendliness, and Accessibility Standards, as per the Accessibility for Manitobans Act, which will require all Manitoba websites to be in compliance by 2024. This project is expected to be complete in October and the work is being done in-house by the Lac du Bonnet CDC Economic Development Officer.

June 2022

LdB Community Calendar

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With many of our community events returning after the pandemic, the Lac du Bonnet CDC re-launched the Community Calendar. We know how hard our community works to organize and run these community events and how important each event is to our community. Community events are the heart of any rural community. They help establish our identity, create new business opportunities, increase visitors, introduce new people to our community, bring residents together and improve our community’s standard of living and quality of life!

May 2022

LdB Media Bank

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As part of the Lac du Bonnet’s CDC Strategic Planning session, it was identified that the community lacked high-quality professional photography and video content to showcase the community's Live, Work, Play, and Invest aspects. In May, the Lac du Bonnet CDC began structuring its two-year plan to capture this content to enhance the overall community marketing efforts.

April 2022

LdB Souvenir Merchandise

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The Lac du Bonnet CDC launched the LdB Souvenir Merchandise line, an exciting, clean product line that visitors and residents in the community will love wearing. All of our designs are made in-house by the Economic Development Officer, and the merchandise sales create a revenue stream to support the Lac du Bonnet CDC operations and the community projects and initiatives it is working on.

March 2022

Property Management Agreement

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The Lac du Bonnet CDC entered into a Property Management Agreement with the RM of Lac du Bonnet to lease and manage RM owned properties. This project will generate a revenue stream for the Lac du Bonnet CDC and increase the RM of Lac du Bonnet's tax base.

Old Hickory Waterside Markets

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The Old Hickory Waterside Markets are new to Lac du Bonnet. Starting in the summer of 2022, the Lac du Bonnet CDC partnered with the Manitoba Made Store, Old Hickory Buildings, and the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet to create a unique pop-up market shopping experience at Fernwood Boat Launch.

February 2022

January 2022

Epic Rides MB

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The Lac du Bonnet CDC was approached by Noel Linsey, a documentary filmmaker and photographer interested in creating a motorcycle road trip travel series for release on YouTube. The plan was to start and end each road trip video in Lac du Bonnet and feature the road less travelled and the places less known. Every video promotes Lac du Bonnet by starting and ending here, encouraging travellers to eat, sleep, shop and visit while visiting the rest of the region.