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Live in Lac du Bonnet, where the Manitoba Prairies give way to the vast boreal forest and the Canadian Shield, where miles of natural trails allow you to hear nature’s sounds and relax within her bounty. In Lac du Bonnet, miles of prime waterways stretch out before you, calling you toward your next adventure, and a rich history remains to be discovered among the ruins. Culture and arts flourish along the streets where neighbours gather for events and festivals, inviting you to find the true passion behind the community.

Lac du Bonnet offers residents a diverse business community with over 200 businesses providing everything from Accommodations to Youth Recreation. The community has excellent cell reception and internet service providers, education facilities from early years to adult learning, and numerous health and wellness services providing everything you need for an active, healthy life.

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Business Directory

Lac du Bonnet has a full and diverse business sector that provides residents and visitors with everything they need.

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Children and adults playing with balloons at a Lac du Bonnet event

Community Events

The Community of Lac du Bonnet works hard to organize over 100 community events annually. These events are the heart of Lac du Bonnet and the best way to get to know your neighbours and meet new friends.

Visit our sister site, MyLdB, to stay up-to-date with all the fantastic community events being organized for the community to enjoy.

Community Organizations

Volunteers are the heart of Lac du Bonnet, making our community stronger with the diversity of programs, events, and community organizations they organize and maintain for residents and visitors alike to enjoy.

Discover the growing list of Community Groups, Clubs, and Organizations.

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Education Services

Lac du Bonnet’s learning opportunities are among the very best available. From Early Years Education to Elementary School, High School, and Adult Learning and Resources, the community’s educators work to inspire students of any age.

Health & Wellness Services

Lac du Bonnet residents have access to professional health and wellness services that include local medical clinics, dentistry, physiotherapy, chiropractic services, massage therapists, regional hospitals, and more.

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Find a Home in Lac du Bonnet

Are you dreaming of a home in the country, where your backdoor leads you to an oasis of recreational opportunities? Discover homes in Lac du Bonnet and make your dreams a reality.

Recreation in Lac du Bonnet

Lac du Bonnet is a community that has a diverse and exciting mix of year-round recreational activities to enjoy, no matter how you like to spend your downtime.

Sunlite walking path featuring Blueberry Rock Trail in Lac du Bonnet.
The Lac du Bonnet CDC is committed to helping connect employers with qualified employees who want to work in Lac du Bonnet.

Working in Lac du Bonnet

Discover job opportunities in Lac du Bonnet or list your available job opportunities with the Lac du Bonnet CDC.