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Volunteer LdB

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Project Scope

Quick Overview

The Volunteer LdB project was designed to:

  • Provide a way for Non-profit organizations in Lac du Bonnet to showcase the volunteer opportunities available.

  • Create space to market and promote volunteer opportunities in Lac du Bonnet.

  • Work with organizations to develop job descriptions and provide volunteers with more details about volunteer positions available in the community.

  • Promote the available volunteer positions within the community and help non-profit organizations fill volunteer roles.

Key Priorities of Focus

This project focuses on three of the CDC’s Key Priorities.

Marketing & Branding

Tourism Development

Business Development

Sustainability & Operations



Project is Ongoing

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Volunteer LdB Launch

The Lac du Bonnet Community Development Corporation and its partners launched Volunteer LdB in August 2021 and, soon after, started helping fill volunteer positions within the community.

This is an ongoing community project where the community can list and find volunteer opportunities. So please, tell everyone you know because the more listings and opportunities we showcase, the better we can help fill the volunteer roles in our community.

For more information or to list and find volunteer opportunities in Lac du Bonnet, please visit 


March to July

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Building Volunteer LdB

In March, the Lac du Bonnet CDC, Hero’s Alliance, and the Lac du Bonnet Lions partnered to fill a service gap in the community of Lac du Bonnet.

A survey completed by the Lions indicated a need and desire from the community to create a job bank of volunteer opportunities to help the non-profit organizations connect with available volunteers and volunteers to connect with organizations looking for help.

Through this process, our organizations worked together to:

  • Developed a job description template to provide details volunteers need to know.

  • Created a website,, to collect information from those looking for volunteers and to promote available positions within the community.

  • Designed branding images, a logo, and templates for sharing details with the community.

  • Researched similar volunteer banks and determined the best functionality for Lac du Bonnet purposes.



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