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LdB Tourism Cafe Project

Graphic of LdB Tourism Cafe's poster which features a coffee cup on an office desk.

Project Scope

Quick Overview

The LdB Tourism Cafe Project was designed to:

  • Create a way to engage the Lac du Bonnet tourism industry, including business operators, non-profit organizations, and volunteers.

  • Provide a space to share accomplishments and current projects, seek ideas and inspiration from others in similar situations and collaborate on projects to connect and support the fantastic things that make Lac du Bonnet so unique.

  • Provide an opportunity to learn about various topics presented by partners in the industry.

Key Priorities of Focus

This project focuses on three of the CDC’s Key Priorities.

Marketing & Branding

Tourism Development

Business Development

Sustainability & Operations



Photo of LdB Tourism Cafe's poster for the September 2022 session which includes a photo of a coffee cup on a office desk.

LdB Tourism Cafe: Experiential Tourism

The Lac du Bonnet Community Development Corporation partnered with Eastman Tourism to discuss Experiential Tourism. During the session, Jenny Dupas explained what Experiential Tourism is and how local businesses and non-profit organizations can use this method to increase revenues, generate fundraising opportunities, partner with locals, and work with Experiential Tourism Development Coaches in the region.

During this session, members discussed exciting new businesses being developed in the community, potential Experiential Tourism Packages and day trips to Lac du Bonnet, and a new grant received by a local non-profit group to enhance and build upon the invaluable services they provide to residents and visitors of Lac du Bonnet.



Photo of LdB Tourism Cafe's poster for the June 2022 session which includes a photo of a coffee cup on a office desk.

LdB Tourism Cafe: Discovering the Resources & Partnerships Available with CDEM

On June 14, 2022, we were joined by Leslie Gaudry, Tourism Development Coordinator with CDEM, who spoke with us about the resources and partnerships we can find with Bonjour Manitoba and CDEM. During this session, we learned different ways Bonjour Manitoba can assist bilingual, Francophone and Metis tourism entrepreneurs in Lac du Bonnet to develop and market. We also learned about how businesses and non-profit organizations could incorporate bilingual, Francophone, and Metis opportunities into the services and events they run.

Those in attendance were inspired to develop bilingual signage and marketing materials and increase their website presence with translations, which CDEM and Bonjour Manitoba can assist with.

Let’s celebrate Manitoba’s joie de vivre!



Photo of LdB Tourism Cafe's poster for the April 2022 session which includes a photo of a coffee cup on a office desk.

LdB Tourism Cafe: Working with Travel Manitoba

On April 11, we were joined by Tricia Woikin of Travel Manitoba! Tricia provided a presentation on partnership opportunities with Travel Manitoba, including how we can engage and further our reach using free tools and services provided by Travel Manitoba.

During this session, we learned about Partner Extranet, a free tool that gives users the ability to view, update and maintain an organization’s profile on the Travel Manitoba website, the free Event Listings, and the Asset Library, where we can share high-quality images and videos featuring Lac du Bonnet. We also discussed the advertising opportunities available with Travel Manitoba, which have since been updated. Check out the 2023 Travel Manitoba Partnership Opportunities Guide for updated information and opportunities.


January to March

An Image of a highway sign saying 'Let's Get Started' with a blue, cloudy sky in the background of the sign.

Project Start

The LdB Tourism Cafe Project began with an idea presented by non-profit and business community members who operate in the Tourism industry. There was an identified need to streamline conversations within this community to bring ideas together, find ways to collaborate, spark conversations about the many tourism assets, events, and businesses we have in Lac du Bonnet and work together to increase tourism.

The CDC conducted a survey for those within the industry to help determine commonalities between the businesses and organizations and began working with its partners to find presenters who could provide information based on the groups’ identified needs.

Anyone can join the LdB Tourism Cafe sessions as their schedules allow and as the topic of conversation fills a need for their business or organization. Each session will begin with a different topic designed to help build partnerships, knowledge, or ideas and end with a Round Table session intended for sharing and identifying opportunities for collaboration.



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