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Finding the Impact of COVID-19 in Lac du Bonnet
Lac du Bonnet CDC conducting surveys to help the community

The Lac du Bonnet Community Development Corporation has released two surveys in the community to develop a better understanding of the economic impact COVID-19 has had on Lac du Bonnet.

The CDC, chaired by Councillor Scott Jones, is reaching out to residents and business owners in Lac du Bonnet to participate in the surveys. The data collected will be shared with business and community leaders to provide insight into the effects COVID-19, and the recovery phases are having on Lac du Bonnet.

“We want to get a snapshot of how people feel about our local economy and what they want moving forward,” Jones said. “This can help local businesses and non-profit groups make decisions as we all continue to deal with COVID-19.”

The first of the two surveys focus on consumer behaviours and intent as the community moves forward through the recovery phases. COVID-19 has affected the way consumers shop, the places they go, and the activities in which they participate. The data collected will allow the CDC to examine shifts in spending habits, the overall feeling of the local economy, and what consumer expectations are for the future.

“We want to measure people’s interest and intent on going out. Is our community ready to dine-in at restaurants, go to community events, and shop in physical stores? These are questions being asked by more than the CDC. Local business owners and non-profit organizations have been asking these questions, and we want to help get them the answers,” said Jones.

The second of the two surveys focus on businesses within the community. COVID-19 has impacted every business in the community a little differently. Some are busier than ever, while others were temporarily closed, or lost to the community. The CDC wants to know the impacts on local businesses and what the CDC and other business development organizations can do to support them in their recovery efforts.

“The goal of both surveys is to collect data that will help decision-makers in our community serve the community in the best way possible,” Jones said.

The data collected will be compared to national and provincial data to see how Lac du Bonnet compares. The CDC anticipates that the local surveys will help paint a clearer picture and make wider sourced data more relevant to business owners and community leaders.

The information provided remains anonymous and confidential. The surveys are available online at

About the Lac du Bonnet Community Development Corporation:

The CDC exists to foster social, environmental, and economic development within the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet by diversifying and growing the local economy, creating employment opportunities, increasing tourism, and improving services.