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Director – Standpipes Bunkers and Waste Retrieval Systems


Director – Standpipes Bunkers and Waste Retrieval Systems


CNL – Whiteshell Laboratories

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Engineering degree or a Bachelor degree in a relevant engineering or honours science discipline from a university of recognized standing.

10+ years’ experience in nuclear decommissioning.

10+ years’ experience encompassing, radioactive waste packaging and transportation.

10+ years in a leadership role.

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Full Job Description

The Standpipes Bunkers and Waste Retrieval Systems (SBWRS) Project is the first of its kind application to Intermediate Level Waste (ILW) removal from in-ground standpipes and concrete bunkers from the Whiteshell (WL) site. The project includes waste removal from 171 in-ground standpipes and 7 ILW storage bunkers that are both buried and partially exposed. The project will be remotely operated using equipment for waste removal, characterization, packaging, and shipment for ultimate interim disposal at the Chalk River Site in Ontario. The project is comprised of 16 subcontracted fabricators (in the Greater Toronto Area) and other service providers, all providing equipment, materials or services for the work. The equipment is currently in its final assembly and factory acceptance testing stage. It will transition into an integrated system operability testing phase (ISOT). ISOT will fully assemble all major systems and components and undergo a complete set of testing and commissioning steps prior to its disassembly and shipment to the WL site. From there, the project will enter into a joint venture with the prime fabricator, construction firm, and CNL to perform the waste removal operations at the WL site. The project also includes all site preparation-related activities at the WL site to receive the removal equipment. The project schedule is on the WL site critical path and has a duration from current date to 2027.

The Director of ILW Waste Removal with the Standpipes, Bunkers and Waste Retrieval Systems is accountable for the management cost, schedule, scope and technical performance of the project. They will provide oversight and leadership to all functions. They will provide detailed reporting and communication on project status, with an emphasis on timely identification and resolution of issues and correcting variances to plans. They will oversee the management of the joint venture contracts, as well as the CNL operations required to support the project. This position is hands-on, and has an emphasis on developing strategies that will be implemented to achieve goals and objectives of the project.

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) employees perform all duties in accordance with established health and safety and regulations/guidelines, policies and procedures (i.e. utilizing personal protective equipment as per safe work procedures). Notifies management or supervisor of all occurrences, injuries, illnesses or safety and health concerns which are likely to harm themselves, their co-workers or any other on the premises in a timely manner and in accordance with established reporting requirements.

Skills & Experience

  • Experience and technical background sufficient to lead the planning and execution of nuclear waste retrievals and processing.
  • Demonstrated experience interpreting and understanding of complex project schedules.
  • Demonstrated business sense and financial knowledge to adequately plan, manage and monitor Division budgets to meet financial objectives.
  • Must have a strong grounding in the technical and regulatory dimensions of nuclear and conventional operations and program planning and demonstrated ability to apply regulations and standards appropriately and communicate same.
  • Financial understanding is required to review and manage financial performance requirements in a complex organization to ensure the branch operates within budget.
  • Engineering background for complex mechanical equipment is considered an asset.
  • Must be able to adhere to project budgets and schedules under pressure.
  • Knowledgeable of and have experience in the use of procurement, contractors and Service Agreements.
  • Planning and prioritizations skills are needed to meet established schedules and deadlines.
  • Demonstrated leadership to initiate and lead change processes.

  • Must have proven director level skills and possess above-average communication skills (written and oral) to effectively direct and work with others.
  • Highly motivated and eager to drive project to completion.
  • Working knowledge of federal and provincial regulations that impact on waste management, including those of the Nuclear Safety Act is considered an asset.
  • Good working knowledge of Canada Labour Code and safety standards, or strong willingness to learn.
  • Familiar with developing site waste management plans and directing the development of long-range forecasts for all waste activities, including characterization, packaging, survey, transport and disposal of radioactive waste, hazardous waste, mixed waste, recycle waste, on-site material management (e.g. soil stockpiling), waste water management and municipal waste management.
  • Experience with all jurisdictional radiological waste transportation and disposal regulations is required.
  • Demonstrated business sense and financial knowledge to adequately plan, manage and monitor division budgets to meet financial objectives.
  • Familiarity with various elements of project management systems and the tools used to plan, implement, track, and report on project performance.
  • Previous knowledge/experience with the workings and products of Primavera scheduling software, formal risk management frameworks and project scope breakdown and cost account structures would be beneficial.


  • Ensure appropriate execution of SBWRS project and oversee management of SBWRS contracts Projects.
  • Direct oversight and management of joint ventures contract strategies for waste retrieval operations.
  • Oversight of project staff responsible for the performance of the site specific preparation activities.
  • Direct the personnel performing the scope of work, and implement project management including responsibility to plan, control and monitor the execution of all project work.
  • Manage budget responsibility for work ranging from $20M to $40M annually.
  • Forms financial decisions that have a large impact by strategically planning, maintaining, and governing.
  • Maintains a field presence to monitor activities and verify safe workmanship, quality, and procedure compliance.
  • Ensure project work is performed safely and in compliance with requirements of the Site License, Quality Assurance (QA) Program and Facility Authority.
  • Coordinates prompt resolution of field problems and issues regarding safety, non-conformance reports, condition reports, stop work orders, and correct action reports.

  • Resolves complex issues that arise by addressing, executing, and guiding towards a resolution.
  • Plans by setting priorities, providing guidance and direction, and monitoring activity implementation.
  • Oversees all project operations, maintains budgeting responsibilities, and responsible for staffing own organization.
  • Provides detailed reporting and communication on project status, with emphasis on timely identification and resolution of issues and correcting variances to plans.
  • Develops relationships, engagement and consultation strategies/delivery plans to achieve corporate objectives and lead a structure approach to regular communications with stakeholders.
  • Manages day to day contact with the client and stakeholders and reports back through the organization to ensure alignment.
  • Provides oversight of safety, operational performance, quality, and business improvement.
  • Other duties as assigned.

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