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CNL – Whiteshell Laboratories

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Must have completed apprenticeship training or equivalent and be qualified as Carpenter with an Interprovincial Red Seal ticket.

Photo showing a carpenter building something out of wood on a work table.

Full Job Description

The  Carpenter/Civil Maintainer is responsible for performing their work in an efficient and timely manner. The incumbent must adhere to industry standards for installation, repairs, and safety. Decisions on tasks performed by trades will be based on the Red Seal Occupational Analysis.

CNL Employees perform all duties in accordance with established health and safety and regulations/guidelines, policies and procedures (i.e. utilizing personal protective equipment as per safe work procedures). Notifies management or supervisor of all occurrences, injuries, illnesses or safety and health concerns which are likely to harm themselves, their co-workers or any other on the premises in a timely manner and in accordance with established reporting requirements.


  • Demonstrate proficiency in the use and application of applicable codes, regulations, and by-laws;
  • Good comprehension skills to interpret drawings and code specifications;
  • Willingness to keep up with new developments in the trade;
  • Keep up-to-date with new developments in technology;
  • Work from drawings and sketches as required, able to provide material take-offs and labour estimates;
  • Read, interpret engineering drawings and weld to the engineering specifications as outlined;
  • Good planning and organizational abilities;
  • Effective communication skills, especially when working with customers;
  • Teamwork skills when working on large projects with co-workers;
  • Work proficiently in a variety of assigned tasks;
  • Highly motivated and able to work with a minimum of supervision;
  • Problem solving abilities to change installation techniques to on-site working conditions;
  • Experience in a wide variety of industrial work environments;
  • Physical agility necessary to perform all aspects of the work;
  • Physical stamina to stand for long periods of time, work in awkward or cramped confined locations;
  • Strength and the ability to work at heights on construction and industrial sites;
  • Work on scaffolds, ladders and mobile lifts;
  • Eye-hand coordination and dexterity and their ability to plan and think sequentially as well as three-dimensionally;
  • Manual dexterity required to perform precision work;
  • Knowledge of metallurgy and the effectiveness of the equipment being used;
  • Ability to operate a variety of hand and power tools;
  • Determine how equipment operates by looking at a diagram or blueprint;
  • Able to wear and work in protective clothing including respirators;
  • Mechanical ability to troubleshoot and repair equipment; and
  • Maintains confidentiality in all matters.

About CNL

CNL serves the nation as an enabler of business innovation and technology transfer and by fostering the development of highly-qualified people for the knowledge economy to come.

We are proud to work with members in industry, in our supply chain, and in the research community to support the diverse innovation needs within Canada’s community of nuclear and radiation science and technology.


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Pinawa, Manitoba

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