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Website Development Program

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Project Scope

Quick Overview

The Website Development Program project was designed to:

  • Help Lac du Bonnet business develop an affordable, modern website by providing the necessary training to build and maintain a website in-house.

  • Improve the communication and competitiveness of Lac du Bonnet Businesses.

  • Build Lac du Bonnet’s overall online presence.

Key Priorities of Focus

This project focuses on two of the CDC’s Key Priorities.

Marketing & Branding

Tourism Development

Business Development

Sustainability & Operations



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Yearly Update

Since launching the Website Development Program in March of 2021, the Lac du Bonnet CDC has worked with two businesses to help them build an in-house website.

The Lac du Bonnet CDC has also provided website design consultations with several businesses in the community connecting them to service providers and information for websites with a scope much larger than the Program was designed for.



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Launching the Website Development Program

The CDC has started this initiative to help Lac du Bonnet businesses overcome two of the most frequent barriers to creating a modern online presence – expensive design costs and technical expertise.

“I think helping more of our local small and home-based businesses get online will contribute to their success. There’s a lot of opportunity here. Having a good website is just one of those basic things that every business needs in 2021.” said Scott Jones, Chairperson of the Lac du Bonnet CDC. “I think the training we’ll provide entrepreneurs to maintain and change their website, as they change and grow – is a huge value. I’m hoping this initiative will be a hit.”

COVID changed the way businesses need to operate, and as we continue to deal with the challenges of the pandemic, the CDC realizes the value it can bring to the business community by helping them get online.

“Small businesses and non-profit groups sometimes don’t know where to start and just need a little guidance and help to get them online. I think we can provide that guidance and help for our business community.” Said Roland Dandeneau, board member of the Lac du Bonnet CDC.

Learn more about the Website Development Program offered by the Lac du Bonnet CDC.



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Project Start

The Lac du Bonnet CDC realized a need for alternative training tools to be provided to help businesses develop and maintain a website in-house. Through the pandemic, many businesses realized the need to increase and change their online presence by developing websites to connect with customers.

The Lac du Bonnet CDC and its partners were receiving calls from the community to see what training programs could be arranged. General training programs were available, although those on the market focused on generalized information about building websites.

As the Economic Development Officer has been building websites for over ten years, the Lac du Bonnet CDC Board realized an opportunity to create and provide this service to Lac du Bonnet residents for a minor fee.



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