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VORR Study

Graphic showing a map of the Lee River area with the water depth highlighted in various colors.

Project Scope

Quick Overview

The VORR Study project was designed to:

  • Examine waterway safety along the Pinawa Channel and Lee River.

  • Gather information through surveys and in-person forums.

  • Prepare a report with recommendations to the RM of Lac du Bonnet based on the findings of the Study.

Key Priorities of Focus

This project focuses on one of the CDC’s Key Priorities.

Marketing & Branding

Tourism Development

Business Development

Sustainability & Operations



Image of a happy little girl looking and pointing at the water while wearing a hat and life jacket.

Reporting the Findings

In September, the VORR Committee presented its findings to the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet, VORR Report: Waterway Safety Along the Pinawa Channel and Lee River. 

The Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet submitted its VORR request to Transportation Canada for review. A VORR Application can take two or more years to review, and the timeframe may even be longer as Transporation Canada has not had a VORR Application in the past 30 years.

The VORR, along with the recommendation of a Safe Boating Ambassador Committee for Lac du Bonnet waterway safety and etiquette education, will help make our waterways safer for all to enjoy.


June to August

Image of a man on a jet ski with a large wave behind him.

Conducting the Study

From June to August, the Lac du Bonnet CDC participated in the VORR Study by creating surveys, attending in-person forums, developing marketing materials, gathering data and market research, and working with the VORR Committee.

The Lac du Bonnet CDC also provided assistance to the Rural Municipality of Alexander, also undergoing a VORR Study, by helping to create a survey and developing marketing materials.



Image of wakes, most likely from a boat, and in the distance are trees.

Project Start

The VORR Committee was established to gather information, receive public input, and report recommendations to the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet.

The Committee was made up of 9 members. It included representation from the Lac du Bonnet RCMP, the Lac du Bonnet Community Development Corporation, the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet, the Rural Municipality of Alexander, Local Developers, and Recreational Users of the Pinawa Channel and Lee River.

From June 1, 2020, to August 25, 2020, the Committee:

  • Develop and executed Surveys with Community Futures Winnipeg River
  • Designed information packages and dispersed information to the community
  • Held three Public Forums in the community
  • Participated in research and collection of information
  • Held four Committee Meetings
  • Analyzed survey data collected from 517 residents
  • Prepare a recommendations report for the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet
  • Presented the recommendations report to the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet



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