12 04, 2021

Trade Shows, Farmer’s Markets and Craft Sales Marketing Strategy: What to Do Before, During and After

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Participating in Trade Shows, Farmer's Markets, and Craft Sales is a common choice for businesses exploring new markets, reaching new customers, and even servicing customers by developing a pop-up style storefront for home-based businesses. Taking this approach to marketing, promoting, advertising and selling your products and services is a great way to kick start your business, test new products, and make great lasting connections with current and potential customers.

15 03, 2021

How to Take Great Shots of Your Lac du Bonnet Products

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It doesn’t matter if you are shooting a cheeseburger and fries, an article of clothing, or cosmetics, you can take amazing product photos using your smartphone with these helpful tips.

8 03, 2021

Yes, Your Business Needs a Website!

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COVID has changed the way we do business. Our customers are smarter, more capable, and better-informed than ever before. Businesses with a website available to support their customers' needs have made it through the past year of shutdowns and reduced occupancy limits better than those that weren't online for their customers.

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