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LdB Tourism Cafe: Working with Volunteer MB

Title Slide showing the name of the presenter, date and time of the Tourism Cafe event. An image of a cup of coffee in the background.Join us for the monthly LdB Tourism Cafe, hosted via ZOOM. Event organizers, community gems, tourism operators, and tourism supporters can meet to connect with like-minded people, share their latest news and collaborate on projects.

On December 12, 2022, we’ll be getting together with a special guest, Kamillah El-Giadaa, Training & Development Manager with Volunteer Manitoba. During this session, Kamillah will explain how Volunteer Manitoba supports groups and individuals in the voluntary sector to develop and enhance the capacity to anticipate, understand, celebrate, and meet community needs in Manitoba. Volunteer Manitoba’s vital contributions to the community include connecting people with volunteer opportunities, promoting volunteerism, and providing leadership and counsel in the non-profit and voluntary sectors.

Volunteer Manitoba works with boards and councils in all aspects of organizational development! They provide guidance in leadership and human resources, offer advice on how to effectively engage volunteers.; and provide guidance on planning and implementing policies, procedures and strategic plans. Training offered by Volunteer Manitoba is designed to assist organizations in developing and maintaining effective management and organizational strategies.

Join us on December 12th to learn how Volunteer Manitoba can help your community!

Forum Agenda:

  1. Welcome and Brief Introductions
  2. Presentation: Kamillah El-Giadaa – Working with Volunteer Manitoba
  3. Roundtable Discussions: What is New and Notable in your Organization? Share your projects with us and seek support or find ways to collaborate with the group!

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About Volunteer Manitoba

Volunteer Manitoba was established in 1978 when the United Way and the Winnipeg Foundation realized a need to support the voluntary sector and volunteerism in Manitoba as a separate agency.

Prior to this time, Volunteer Manitoba was known as the Central Volunteer Bureau and provided volunteer assistance during wartime by acting as the central pool of recruiting, training and placement of volunteers. Today, this need is served by our volunteer referral program.

Over the years, our programs, services and partnerships have dramatically expanded to help non-profit organizations and individuals to enhance their capacity to meet the needs of their communities.

About the LdB Tourism Cafe

The LDB Tourism Cafe is an open forum where you can share the things you have accomplished, projects you are working on, areas where a project may be stalled, and ways we can all work together to support all the fantastic things that make Lac du Bonnet so unique.

The Tourism Cafe is not being designed as another committee. People from your Organization are invited to join as their schedule allows them to participate in these group discussions. Each session will begin with a different topic designed to help your organization build its partnerships, knowledge, or ideas and end with a Round Table session intended to share and identify collaboration opportunities.

About the Lac du Bonnet CDC

The CDC exists to foster social, environmental, and economic development within the community of Lac du Bonnet by diversifying and growing the local economy, creating employment opportunities, increasing tourism, and improving services.

For more information about this community initiative, contact [email protected] or visit | Facebook – @ldbcdc | Twitter – @ldbcdc

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