LdB Tourism Cafe September 6, 2022

Invite your friends to join the conversation!

Join us for the monthly LdB Tourism Café, hosted via ZOOM. Event organizers, community gems, tourism operators, and tourism supporters can meet to connect with like-minded people, share their latest news and collaborate on projects.

On September 6, 2022, we’ll be joined by Jenny Dupas, Executive Director of Eastman Tourism. During the session, Jenny will explain what Experiential Tourism Development is, how you can use this method to increase your revenue, and how to get involved with an Experiential Tourism Development Coach, as applications for coaching will be open on September 5 2022.

Forum Agenda:

  • Welcome and Brief Introductions
  • Presentation: Jenny Dupas of Eastman Tourism: Experiential Tourism Development
  • Roundtable Discussions: What is New and Notable in your Organization? Share your projects with us and seek support or find ways to collaborate with the group!


About Eastman Tourism

Eastern Manitoba is a vibrant tourism destination with over 2 million visitors per year and over $119 million in spending. Visitors are openly welcomed, and entrepreneurial spirits grow and prosper in the region. The abundance of provincial parks and forests (22 total), culture, arts, regional food, outdoor adventure and water assets makes Eastern Manitoba the second most visited region next to Winnipeg.

Eastman Tourism’s mission is to grow tourism in Eastern Manitoba by providing marketing assistance, knowledge building, enhancing community partnerships and helping develop the tourism experience.

About the LdB Tourism Café

The LDB Tourism Café is an open forum where you can share the things you have accomplished, projects you are working on, areas where a project may be stalled, and ways we can all work together to support all the fantastic things that make Lac du Bonnet so unique.

The Tourism Café is not being designed as another committee. People from your Organization are invited to join as their schedule allows them to participate in these group discussions. Each session will begin with a different topic designed to help your organization build its partnerships, knowledge, or ideas and end with a Round Table session intended for sharing and identifying opportunities for collaboration.