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Lac du Bonnet Event Park Planning Committee

Lac du Bonnet Event ParkINTRODUCTION

The Lac du Bonnet Community Development Corporation is working with local businesses and organizations to examine the development of an Event Park. The park would act as a community hub to create a shared space for outdoor event organizers, increase tourism to Lac du Bonnet, provide opportunities for business development, and support the growth and development of the events and recreational opportunities operating in Lac du Bonnet.

Our outdoor event organizers sparked our desire to bring everyone together to examine the opportunities that a shared space can provide. As such, we invited outdoor event planners to a Forum on July 15, 2020, to share our concept with you and determine who would be interested in working on this concept with us.

The groups presented many wonderful ideas and things to consider, and the CDC is looking forward to working with everyone to help make this dream a reality. The presentation is available below for you to view and share with your board members and those who contribute to your organization.


Our next step in this planning-to-plan phase of the project is to gain as much insight into this project from the potential user groups.

The enclosed Questionnaire will help us pull together information from the groups so that we can develop a needs assessment and identify common needs, wants and desires. We encourage each of your groups to take some time with this Questionnaire. Speak with your board members, contributors, and customers to gain feedback and insights on how the Event Park could enhance your event.

This is the time to dream. If you could have anything you wanted, what would that be? What should our park look like? What could we add to make your life easier, to increase the quality of life for residents of Lac du Bonnet, to increase visitor traffic to the area, to increase business opportunities?

Not every question included may apply to your group, but we encourage you to answer those that do. The Questionnaire will expand as you enter your details, so feel free to include as much detail as possible.


We want to provide you ample time to discuss this with your team and include all of the wonderful ideas that you come up with as a group. In order to do that, the questionnaire intake will go until October 15, 2020.

The CDC will compile the data received and host another group Forum in late October or early November to share the data and continue discussions about the Event Park.

If you have any questions during the process, or should you like to participate in the Questionnaire, please don’t hesitate to contact the CDC at 204-213-0033.

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