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Lac du Bonnet CDC Relaunches Community Event Calendar

Title Slide that says "LdB Community Events Calendar is Back. List your event for free" Slide image is a close up of people's hands clinking wine glasses in celebration depicting the return of the Lac du Bonnet Community Events Calendar.Calling all Lac du Bonnet Event Organizers!

The Lac du Bonnet CDC is pleased to announce that the Lac du Bonnet Community Events Calendar is once again up and running on our community tourism website,

Now that our favourite events are returning to the community, the CDC wants to help promote them to as many people as possible.

Organizational Benefits for Listing Your Event:

There are many reasons why listing your upcoming event to the Lac du Bonnet Community Events Calendar (and other Event Calendars. See list below) benefits your organization. Online Event Calendars help you to:

  1. Bring awareness of your event to locals and visitors;
  2. Grow your organization’s online presence;
  3. MyLdB Event Listings are propagating Google Event Listings;
  4. Adding your event to the Calendar helps us stay up to date with all the fun things happening in Lac du Bonnet so we can help you promote them.

Community Benefits for Listing Your Event:

Using the Lac du Bonnet Community Events Calendar doesn’t just help your organization reach more people; it benefits our entire community! Now, who doesn’t want that? An online community events calendar helps:

  1. Create awareness and increases the visibility of our community;
  2. Enhance the visitation to our community by showing visitors everything we have planned;
  3. Improve Lac du Bonnet’s online presence and provides additional ways for people to find our community online;
  4. Showcase Lac du Bonnet as a vibrant community with many fantastic quality-of-life benefits.

Thank You!

We know how hard you work to organize and run these community events and how important each event is to our community. Community events are the heart of any rural community. They help establish our identity, create new business opportunities, increase visitors, introduce new people to our community, bring residents together and improve our community’s standard of living and quality of life!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Add your community event to the Lac du Bonnet Community Event Calendar today! Even if your event is a year away, it is never too early to let people know about it.

Need Volunteers?

Last year the Lac du Bonnet CDC teamed up with the Lac du Bonnet Lions and HERO’S Alliance to create Volunteer LdB. This free community resource allows our community to list and find volunteer positions. If you are looking for volunteers, check out the website today and submit a listing.

Additional Event Calendars

It’s not just Lac du Bonnet’s Community Events Calendar that can benefit your next event, but also our provincial and regional ones too! Here’s a list of Event Calendars that can help promote your event:

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