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Lac du Bonnet Businesses can Increase Sales with Square

Square Payments makes accepting multiple forms of payment from customers easy for everyone. The handy little tool works just about anywhere in Lac du Bonnet. I’ve used it at Campbell’s to sell raffle tickets, at the Community Centre to sell merchandise, at customers’ homes when making deliveries, and in the middle of the ice during the ice fishing derby.

Square Payments has closed a gap faced by many small business owners and even non-profit organizations looking for a solution to process debit and credit cards. Let’s face it; we have been trained not to carry cash in our wallets, preferring to tap our way through the register and carry on with our days.

As more and more small businesses start adopting the tools available, and consumers begin to realize that even the traditional cash-only companies are now converting, they will start to expect this level of service from more and more of their favourite spots.

The good news is, Square Payments will let you keep up with the competition without breaking the bank or sending your customer on the search for the closest ATM, which is usually a few blocks away.

Let’s take a look at these 5 benefits of using Square Payments for your Lac du Bonnet small business or non-profit organization:

1. Accept more payments.

Remember when there were two payment options, cash or credit? There are significantly more now with credit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Interac, plus international cards. Square can process all of these. You can even generate invoices for your customers to be paid later with Square Payments.

2. Set up and accept payments everywhere.

The setup process is a breeze; seriously, you can start accepting payments in minutes, and you can accept them anywhere. On a Square Reader, via app or computer, or on your website. Square even supports offline payments for accepting mobile payments when you don’t have a signal, making it a great solution for rural small businesses.

3. There are no hidden fees.

There are no arbitrary monthly fees, and you’re not locked into a contract with Square. This is one area that makes Square perfect for small business owners and non-profit organizations. It doesn’t matter how long it sits in the drawer of your desk; when you need it, charge it up and start making sales.

4. The processing fees won’t break the bank.

The processing fees are minimal at 2.65% per tap, dip or swipe for credit cards; 3.4% + $0.15 for manually keyed-in and Card on File payments, and only $0.10 per Interac insert and tap! The benefits of selling all that extra product by accepting these forms of payment will certainly outweigh the cost of taking them.

5. Helps you grow your business.

Growing your business is easier when you can accept more forms of payment in more places. A survey conducted by a research firm, Leger, in 2018 revealed that 79 percent of Canadians prefer paying with a debit or credit card before using cash. More than two-thirds of respondents said they’d be more likely to make a purchase from a small business if cards were accepted. However, only 11 percent of small business owners said they believe cards are their customers’ preferred payment method.

Square is great for Non-profits too!

Square is a great option for small businesses operating in rural communities like Lac du Bonnet. Whether you’re selling your products or services online, in a storefront, or at the farmer’s market, Square Payments has made it easy and affordable to accept all payments so you can sell more. Using a Square is also great for selling raffle tickets, renewing memberships or collecting donations for your non-profit group. After all, the number one reason we, as volunteers here, is, ‘I would, but I don’t have any cash on me right now.’ The investment is small, but the reward of watching your sales increase is definitely worth it!

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