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Lac du Bonnet Business Website Program

The Lac du Bonnet CDC is offering Website Design Training to Lac du Bonnet BusinessesThe Lac du Bonnet Community Development Corporation (CDC) is pleased to announce we have developed the Lac du Bonnet Business Website Program to help local businesses get online with a professionally designed identity website. The goals of this community initiative are to:

• Help Lac du Bonnet businesses develop an affordable modern website.
• Provide the necessary training for small businesses to maintain their website.
• Improve the communication and competitiveness of Lac du Bonnet businesses.
• Build Lac du Bonnet’s overall online presence.

Lac du Bonnet small business owners who are interested in re-designing an outdated website or who do not currently have a website can work directly with the CDC to have an identity website developed for as low as $279 plus their domain and hosting costs. The CDC will provide training for maintaining and updating the website as well as ongoing support.

The CDC has started this initiative to help Lac du Bonnet businesses overcome two of the most frequent barriers to creating a modern online presence – expensive design costs and technical expertise.

“Rural business communities everywhere have an online presence that’s lacking. In Lac du Bonnet, a lot of small businesses rely almost entirely on social media platforms for their online identity, if they’re even online at all. It’s not a great practice, and we want Lac du Bonnet to have a better online footprint,” said Cyndie Mitchell, Economic Development Officer. “I think we, as a business community, can change that by removing some barriers.”

Small business owners have many options for getting a quality website. Website builders such as Square Space and Weebly offer drag-and-drop builders and eCommerce solutions, but it can be difficult to have these sites look good. Entrepreneurs also have their choice of website designers from almost anywhere in the world because it is a service that can be delivered remotely. But website designers often lack the marketing knowledge to make a website effective, and marketing agencies can be expensive. The Lac du Bonnet Business Website Program can be the solution for local small businesses and home-based businesses, which require a modern identity website without a big price tag.

“I think helping more of our local small and home-based businesses get online will contribute to their success. There’s a lot of opportunity here. Having a good website is just one of those basic things that every business needs in 2021.” said Scott Jones, Chairperson of the Lac du Bonnet CDC. “I think the training we’ll provide entrepreneurs to maintain and change their website, as they change and grow – is a huge value. I’m hoping this initiative will be a hit.”

“Small businesses and non-profit groups sometimes don’t know where to start and just need a little guidance and help to get them online. I think we can provide that guidance and help for our business community.” Said Roland Dandeneau, board member of the Lac du Bonnet CDC.

To learn more about this program, please visit the WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICES FOR LAC DU BONNET BUSINESSES

If you are interested in this program, contact Cyndie Mitchell, Economic Development Officer, for a consultation and more information: [email protected] or 204-213-0033.

About the Lac du Bonnet Community Development Corporation:

The CDC exists to foster social, environmental, and economic development within the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet by diversifying and growing the local economy, creating employment opportunities, increasing tourism, and improving services.

For more information about this community initiative, contact [email protected] or visit | Facebook – @ldbcdc | Twitter – @ldbcdc

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