Can Lac du Bonnet Break the World Record for the longest ice skating trail?

The Lac du Bonnet Community Development Corporation is teaming up with the Rural Municipality Recreation Department and the community to break a world record for the longest ice skating trail.

About the Trail

Did you know, the longest skating trail in the world is located in Invermere, BC and is 29.98 km long. Glen Hart, of Lac du Bonnet, set out to break that record. While working alone, Glen has created skating trails as long as 18 km. Imagine what he could accomplish with a team.

Working together, we can develop a world-class skating trail along the Lee River that will become a winter gathering place for the community and attract tourism visitors. The vision is to create a trail that:

  • offers warming huts and fire pits for families to enjoy;

  • provides a place for skating lessons and winter activity gear rentals;

  • incorporates the arts by building snow sculptures and hosting outdoor winter markets;

  • includes a walking path and a cross-country skiing trail alongside the skating trail; and,

  • creates an outdoor space our community can be proud of.

We Know We Can Do It, With a Little Help!

There are many ways for you to get involved, no matter how much or how little time you have to commit.

  • Join the Lee River Hart Winter Trail Committee to oversee the planning and development of this project.

  • Volunteer to head up or support one of the Trail Teams. Teams include areas such as grooming, safety, recreation planning, marketing, volunteer coordination and more.

  • Signup to become an On-Call, As Needed Volunteer in areas where you feel you can contribute to the project. Areas include things such as grooming, ice thickness testing, set up, clean up, event support and more.

Join the Team or Share Your Ideas with Us!

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The Lee River Hart Winter Trail is a Joint Community Initiative Proudly Supported By:

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