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Experiential Tourism Training

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Project Scope

Quick Overview

The Experiential Tourism Training project was designed to:

  • Provide the Economic Development Officer with the training to become an Experiential Tourism Development Coach that would provide the ability to work with Tourism Businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to create Experiential Tourism products for their businesses.

  • Develop a Lac du Bonnet CDC Experiential Tourism Development Service to work with entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations to develop immersive tourism products to increase revenue streams and product offerings to visitors and residents.

  • Work with tourism industry partners in the community to enhance and increase the tourist attractions to the community and provide another means to attract visitors to Lac du Bonnet.

Key Priorities of Focus

This project focuses three of the CDC’s Key Priorities.

Marketing & Branding

Tourism Development

Business Development

Sustainability & Operations



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Providing Lac du Bonnet with Experiential Tourism Training

In January, the Lac du Bonnet CDC began offering Experiential Tourism Training to the community of Lac du Bonnet.

At that time, the CDC also helped two local businesses apply for the Travel Manitoba Experiential Tourism Grant, which, if successful, could provide up to $15,000 in non-repayable business grants for developing their products. One of these applicants successfully received the maximum funding, and the Lac du Bonnet CDC has been working with the business to create a new tourism product in the community.

The Experiential Tourism Training is free for Lac du Bonnet businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs. The training is available any time as one-on-one training sessions that are geared to help business owners increase their revenue stream and reach new clients.


June to October

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Experiential Tourism Training

From June to October, the Lac du Bonnet CDC Economic Development Officer was paired with Jordana of Hidden Valley Haven (selected by Eastman Tourism as the Experience Partner) and Patti (another coach in training) for a hands-on learning experience.

This hands-on learning approach had coaches Cyndie and Patti working directly with Jordana to develop an immersive experience for guests and create another source of income for the business.

Starting with the tools and resources available to Hidden Valley Haven and incorporating Jordana’s Life Coaching Certifications, the team worked to create “Down N’ Dirty – It’s a Family Thing!” Learning to craft this experience, the team took traditional workshops, riding lessons, and trail walks to new levels and even incorporated some trash can cooking! We also worked together to create the Market Ready materials for the experience, including photography, graphics, video, and more.

About the Experience that was Developed

Participation in this fun family experience may bring joy, laughter and a feeling of closeness and wonder. You may also get a little dirty while doing it! If these are things you are willing to experience together, then let’s continue and get your family booked! Are you ready to experience some wholesome family fun down on the farm? Breath in the fresh air as you enjoy the perfect setting to unplug, spend time outdoors, explore the river bank, participate in activities, cuddle with the animals, get your hands in the dirt, and prepare a meal together in a way that will have your family talking about it for years to come. We invite you to experience for yourselves what Hidden Valley Haven has to offer. Beautiful, peaceful surroundings with Down N’ Dirty fun!

Cyndie was such a pleasure to work with. She takes the time to get to know you, your story, your values and what inspires you to do what you do. Cyndie goes above and beyond. She was there to answer questions, ask the right questions, crunch the numbers and be a support and cheerleader. She really helped me bring my idea for an experiential tourism experience to a place of marketability and scalability. Something that every business needs to be successful.

My 5 months of training and coaching with Cyndie were such a blessing, and I know I am farther ahead and more prepared to welcome our first experience guests in 2022 because of her help, expertise and guidance. I highly recommend having Cyndie on your creative team!

~ Jordana Gruninger
Hidden Valley Haven, Experiential Training Partner

If you would like to learn about the other experiences that were developed during the training, visit Eastman Tourism’s website.



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Project Start

In May, Economic Development Officer Cyndie Mitchell was selected to participate in Eastman Tourism’s Coach the Coaches program. During this training, delivered by Celes Devar, who has been teaching and coaching Experiential Tourism for over 25 years, the EDO would learn the skills required to work with the local business community to develop Experiential Tourism Products.

During this training, Cyndie would work with a tourism business accepted into the program to learn how to craft guest experiences.

What is Experiential Tourism

Experiential Tourism is the process of crafting guest experiences to add value to a business or community. It involves a development approach that actively engages visitors while in a destination community. An Experiential Tourism Product creates a memorable experience that involves shifting from “traditional tours” and entertainment to offering a hands-on, immersive product that ignites all five senses and sends guests home with a piece of Lac du Bonnet in their hearts.



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