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Driftscape App

Graphic of the Driftscape app showcasing the Black Bear Golf Club listing.

Project Scope

Quick Overview

The Driftscape App project was designed to:

  • Showcase Lac du Bonnet’s Tourism Assets to potential visitors and act as a secondary marketing hub for the community of Lac du Bonnet.

  • Be present in a location that many other regions in the province use to supplement their tourism marketing efforts.

  • Reach a new demographic of potential visitors to Lac du Bonnet while increasing the community’s online presence.

Key Priorities of Focus

This project focuses on all four of the CDC’s Key Priorities.

Marketing & Branding

Tourism Development

Business Development

Sustainability & Operations



Drone image looking down on a forest with a lake. in the sky is text that says 'adventure awaits in Lac du Bonnet'.

Launching Lac du Bonnet on Driftscape

In May, the Lac du Bonnet CDC launched its tourism listings, MyLdB, with the Driftscape App, setting the course for modern-day tourism in Lac du Bonnet.

The COVID-19 pandemic has enormously impacted the Canadian tourism sector, which means a long-term recovery period. This, coupled with fast-changing tourist trends, preferences, and new restrictions, has led many Canadian destinations to look for unique solutions to help them survive and thrive in these unprecedented times.

To help achieve this goal while creating a safe tourism experience for visitors, the Lac Du Bonnet CDC took a proactive step towards digitizing their destination in a modern way – with the help of the Driftscape app!

The partnership with Driftscape will equip the town’s visitors with a tool that empowers and enhances exploration and help locals plan staycations in their backyard; while discovering hidden gems that are often missed – all from the convenience of their fingertips!

Serving as a modern method to highlight the destination’s vibrant and growing community that offers year-round indoor and outdoor activities, exciting festivals and cultural events, unique local businesses and more; the app empowers the CDC to create an interactive and engaging experience for diverse age groups with the help of its many features, including but not limited to Self-guided tours, Augmented reality, offline exploration and quests.

Moreover, with the help of Driftscape, the CDC will now be able to deliver valuable and real-time information to their visitors and locals, notify them about unique local businesses and tourism highlights that surround them when they explore the region and create the opportunity to couch-surf their destination!

Find us on Driftscape. Download the App Today!



A picture of the Driftscape app featuring Parks, Playgrounds, and Picnic Destinations listing.

Project Start

Driftscape is a mobile app that allows local organizations and businesses to share site-specific stories, tours, events, and services.

For Users, the App is free, and it provides a great way to explore what’s around them. Users can select what they’re interested in and start walking, driving, snowmobiling, boating, and touring. Users will be notified when there’s something nearby or can plan their destinations accordingly.

For Lac du Bonnet and the My LdB brand, Driftscape is a powerful tool to help us get our stories, tours, and places directly into our visitors’ and residents’ hands.

The mobile App was designed to help visitors uncover hidden gems and find local services. They work with municipalities, townships, regional tourism associations and unique cultural organizations to promote their local business, tell their stories and highlight the fantastic hidden gems Canada has to discover.

Project Goals

  1. Increase the reach of tourism branding for Lac du Bonnet.
  2. Create a more interactive and immersive experience for our visitors.
  3. Encourage our residents to explore their backyard.
  4. Highlight our local stories, history, and sites that are important to us.
  5. Showcase our local tourism-based businesses and assets.
  6. Increase foot traffic throughout Lac du Bonnet introducing more consumers to the market.
  7. Provide an offline means of communication in areas with poor or no connections.
  8. Be in the hands of and accessible to tourists and residents with the ability to inform them about attractions, events, and points of interest with proximity alerts.
  9. Collect and measure data about our visitors and what points of interest draw them to our community.
  10. Provide organizations and tourism businesses with professional photography, audio and video content to use for marketing and promoting their assets.

Community Benefits

  1. A Cooperative Approach – with one single App, we can attract more users and visitors to our community from a single point with a broader appeal and is used by many other communities.
  2. Low Cost of Acquisition – targeting mobile users who live in, are in, or have recently been in Lac du Bonnet provides a unique, cost-effective way to attract visitors to the community and engage them and residents to participate in the events, activities, and recreational experiences available.
  3. Enhance the User Experience – with the addition of an App to the tourism branding and; we can further enhance the user experience by offering direct on-site content to users, push notifications that inform Users that there is an attraction nearby or that there is an upcoming event or activity at a nearby location. The addition of offline capabilities will mean that the App will work in remote areas of our community.
  4. Increased visitors to the community – by creatively promoting Lac du Bonnet, we will be able to attract new visitors to the community and encourage residents to explore their backyard. This will increase traffic flow in Lac du Bonnet, which will, in turn, help local businesses reach more customers.



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