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Business Attraction

Business Attraction

Project Scope

Quick Overview

The Business Attraction project was designed to:

  • Actively promote the community of Lac du Bonnet as a highly desired place to Live, Work, Play, and Invest.

  • Be a connection point for individuals and site selectors looking to invest in Lac du Bonnet. Project details may include providing statistics and data, connecting individuals with valuable resources, organizations and businesses, or working to create business plans and conducting market research.

  • Networking outside of the community to generate interest and awareness of the business opportunities in Lac du Bonnet.

Key Priorities of Focus

This project focuses on all four of the CDC’s Key Priorities.

Marketing & Branding

Tourism Development

Business Development

Sustainability & Operations



Fiber optic cables being fed into the ground from a large spool.

Valley Fiber Business Attraction

In February, the Lac du Bonnet CDC worked with site selectors from Valley Fiber to connect the organization to the Rural Municipality of Lac du Bonnet. By doing this, Lac du Bonnet was successful in obtaining Fiber Optic Network services from Valley Fiber.

The infrastructure that Valley Fiber is investing in Lac du Bonnet will service 2,200 homes and businesses in the Rural Municipality, providing faster internet services and better connectivity options for the community.

This will make home-based business opportunities viable in the community and help make Lac du Bonnet more attractive to new business developments.

For more information about this project, check out the Valley Fiber Business Attraction project page.



Woman holding a magnet to attract metal figures of people depicting business attraction.

Project Start

Business Attraction is a staple of any Community Development Corporation and is about more than just selling businesses sites or attracting businesses at random – it’s a means of promoting the community as a viable location for economic activity.

Today’s businesses can locate anywhere, but they’ll only come to a community if they know about it and if the community has what it needs. Attracting businesses to a community requires the following:

  • knowing the community’s assets and strengths,
  • knowing what industries are the best prospects for the community,
  • knowing the growth needs of businesses already located within the community so that business attraction doesn’t stress the current infrastructure needs,
  • marketing the community to provide information to potential investors,
  • undertaking strategic improvements that will make the community a more attractive location for investment and more.

Some business attraction projects can be simple, the Valley Fiber Project, for example, while others are more complex and take more time to complete, such as the FERPA Project. And then, there are those that don’t work out at all for any number of reasons.

The key is that the Lac du Bonnet CDC is here to work with individuals and site selectors interested in investing in Lac du Bonnet with business development projects of all sizes. From attracting solopreneurs to large business operations, the Lac du Bonnet CDC is pleased to act as the connection point for business attraction by marketing the community of Lac du Bonnet and working with site selectors and individuals interested in or examining the feasibility of investing in Lac du Bonnet.



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