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Visuals are Important

Have you noticed the number of bad graphics used by small businesses and non-profits? From posters to social media posts – far too many people use poorly designed graphics to promote their businesses, events, and groups. The use of Clipart and Microsoft Word seems like a too-common go-to in 2021 considering there are easy-to-use tools that will help create fantastic graphics for advertising and promo.

Not only do these tools crate superior attractive graphics, but they are also easier and faster to use. Better results, ease of use, and less time-consuming. So why not give them a try?

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Why are graphics so important? Because humans are visual animals. The graphics you use in your advertising, posters, and social media have more impact than your words. Simply put, if you want to connect with more people, using better graphics is the first place to start. Quality graphics make an emotional impact that words can not.


Let’s look at one popular graphic tool – Canva.

Why do we love Canva? It’s easy to use, has free templates based on what you are creating, has free stock images, and is available on desktop through your browser and on mobile devices with their app. Canva makes making posters, social media graphics, and ads fast and easy.

Canva’s templates are probably the single most useful function. They come sized properly for your projects. Whether you’re creating a story post for Instagram or creating a poster- Canva’s templates are a great starting point with wonderful layouts and font combinations that make sense. Pick your template, and then edit the words and images to suit your project.

More than Digital Promo

Canva is versatile. Beyond social media and online graphics, you can create posters, presentations, PowerPoint slides, business cards, logos, Video social posts, flyers, and more. All your designs are stored online which is useful to create your own branded templates for consistency.


Canva offers a free subscription and a paid subscription with more features.

The free subscription is powerful and feature-rich. It includes templates, free stock images, and 5GB of cloud storage. Most small businesses and organizations will get exactly what they need from their free subscription.

The paid subscriptions offer more templates, stock images, and tools plus increased cloud storage. The paid tiers include enhanced features for larger teams to include team members and more sharing options.

Get Serious with Better Designs

Design services such as Canva make creating professionally looking designs quick and easy. A better design is better communication. Never underestimate how important visuals are to your message and communication.