Thank you!

It was great seeing you at the Lac du Bonnet CDC AGM!

As you saw during our presentation, the CDC is working on a variety of projects that touch on the social, environmental and economic development within the Community of Lac du Bonnet.

Here are the topics we discussed today:

  • Working with the Business Community: providing grant, funding opportunity, and development support; consulting and training to help develop marketing and business plans, and more;
  • Website Development Program: providing website development support and training for those who self-develop or manage their websites;
  • connecting volunteers to the volunteer opportunities in Lac du Bonnet;
  • Driftscape and marketing the Community to attract and retain visitors to Lac du Bonnet;
  • Lac du Bonnet Community Calendar: promoting the events happening in Lac du Bonnet;
  • LdB Tourism Cafe: bringing the business and non-profit tourism community together to share ideas and network;
  • Old Hickory Waterside Market: developing a new marketplace for local vendors and small home-based businesses;
  • Experiential Tourism Development: coaching and training to turn activities into experiences that increase revenues and visitor experiences;
  • Lee River Winter Trail: creating the World's Longest Skating Trail to encourage winter tourism and provide active living opportunities for residents;
  • The Great Outdoors Expo: hosting a yearly trade show that showcases the Community and generates operational funding for the CDC;
  • Event Park Development: working with the Lac du Bonnet Outdoor Event organizers to develop a shared space to host outdoor events;
  • LdB Souvenir Merchandise: creating souvenir products that generate operational funding for the CDC and help promote the Community;
  • LdB Media Bank: capturing and sharing Lac du Bonnet Tourism assets for marketing and promotion of the Community;
  • Epic Rides MB: well, because even in her off hours, the EDO is working for the Community!
  • VORR Committee: where we provided support to the RM of Lac du Bonnet to help make our waterways safer for all;
  • Research and Networking Contract with FERPA: where we provided information that could lead to the potential facility development;
  • Valley Fiber: where we connected the parties and provided information that has led to an investment of $13 million in internet infrastructure; and
  • Property Management Contract: where we manage RM properties, leasing them for various uses to generate income for the CDC and the RM.

AGM Feedback, Comments, and Questions!

If you have a few minutes to share your thoughts with us, we'd love to hear from you!

1. Would you like to share any comments, or do you have any questions about the projects we presented during the AGM?

2. Are you interested in becoming a volunteer for any of the projects we discussed today? If so, let us know which project you are interested in and how you may like to help out.

3. We are always looking for new projects to help our community grow. Do you have a project idea that you think the CDC could get off the ground or partner with you on? Let us know your ideas below.

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